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PHPR Summit 2020

For the Sake of Gen Z: Shaping the Future of Health

They’re a whole new generation! Digitally savvy, never known a time without smart phones, meme obsessed, insightful, highly concerned about safety, calculated and thoughtful when taking risks and incredibly inclusive.


This year we are bringing together Gen Z youth advisors and those who serve them to talk about the future of health. (If you have teens and young adults in your programs, centers, or clinics…that’s you.)


We’re going to open the box on e-cigarettes, gaming, memes (maybe create a couple), digital connectedness and social isolation, pressures of social media and getting this generation outside.  Come be part of the conversations.


Our Sponsors:
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PHPR 2020 Summit Video by Phuong Tran, Denver Office of Transportation and Infrastructure

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