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​PHPR Get Out ~ Get Active Socials 2023

The Centerra Cycle and Social

Our trails make Colorado unique.  Trails that connect us to our favorite amenities and necessities are even better.  Join us for a fun easy bike ride along the connective Centerra Trail in Loveland. We'll hear from many of the partners who made the trail possible. September 15th's event will be followed by a networking social at 3 Margaritas, Loveland.  We're partnering with the City of Loveland, North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization and the High Plains Environmental Center.  



Centerra Trail Bike Tour September 2023.jpeg
N Front Range MPO Logo.jfif
Loveland Bike tour 2 banner.jpg
Pics from the Bench Build & Drop Off August 16th & 18th in Denver

Together we made 7 benches and distributed 5 to bus stops near the DU Campus.  Many thanks to Thaddeus Driscoll for hosting us at the DU Wood Shop and James Warren for leading some great conversation.  We had a great time building, dropping and conversing.     

Building group on the benches.jpeg
Designing our bench.jpeg

The best thing about making and delivering benches is when is starts to rain you have a place to sit under the tree. Many thanks to all the volunteers who came to help build and deliver benches to bus stops. You all rock!!

Thaddeus and his bench.jpeg
Holden and bench delivery part 2.jpg
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