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​PHPR Get Out ~ Get Active Socials 2024

Summer Slowdown Stroll in the Park~
Trees, Art, Stories and Connection

Thursday, July 11th, 2:30pm at Belmar Park in Lakewood, CO 

This is a multisector outdoor excursion to slowdown, breathe, get some movement in, and explore ways to connect. This is an opportunity to learn about trees, the benefits of tree canopy and shade, make a little art, share some stories, and be socially connected. The immense health benefits of being in nature, connecting with new and familiar faces while getting out and moving are well documented. Jonathon with Intrinsic Paths will encourage us to be unhurried while we learn about champion trees, how trees impact our environment's health and the value of being unhurried. We'll take our time to stop, connect, create and share. It's an opportunity for folks to co-mingle across parks, recreation, public health, built environment, libraries, nature, accessibility advocates and more. Who knows, you might find your next program partner. 

For all the details and to RSVP click here!


This event is co-hosted by the PHPR Collaborative, Intrinsic Paths & Pedestrian Dignity, Colorado State Library and USDA Forest Service

lean in by jonathon stalls.PNG

Artwork by Jonathon Stalls, Intrinsic Paths

Coming Soon...

We're planning a trip to Garden of the Gods in August, partnering with the Safe Routes to Schools/Parks in September, and coordinating a tour in Metro Denver with Trust for Public Land in early October. Details coming soon. 

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